The building has a great history and has served a number of dynamic businesses through the years.  We underwent a complete top to bottom renovation when we first opened.  This health club is all about you and your comfort.  Feel free to check out the pictures below to get a better look at what we are so proud of.



Main Room Free Weights Cardio Cross Fit Locker Rooms Aerobics
Entry Multi-Pulley Eliptical CrossFit 1 Lockers 1 Aerobics 1
Decline Benches Squat Rack Treadmills CrossFit 2 Lockers 2 Aerobics 2
Pulldown and Row Bench Press Bike CrossFit 3 Lockers 3
Machines Smith Machine TV's Lockers 4
Stability Balls Leg Press Lockers 5
Water Fountain Calf and Dip Lockers 6
Incline Press
Curl Rack